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Intake Form (pdf)
Consent to Treat (pdf)
Release of Information (pdf)
Detox Negative Intimacy (pdf)
Four Parenting Patterns (pdf)
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Children's Ability to Cope Post Divorce
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Client Forms

If you have decided to seek the services of Dana Schneider please review, complete and bring to the first meeting the following forms:
  1. Client Intake
  2. Consent to Treat
  3. Release of Information
Some of the questions may not pertain to you or your situation. Feel free to simple skip over those questions or discuss them in our first meeting. If you have any questions please contact Dana.

Client Intake

This is a detailed questionnaire that helps Dana with historical and developmental information that can be very useful in the first meeting. This form enables Dana along with the client to begin identifying goals for counseling.

Consent to Treat

This is a brief form clarifying Dana's office policies and practices including the limits to confidentiality.

Release of Information

This is a form that allows Dana to discuss your history, school records, medical and psychological information with collateral professional contacts.

Detox Negative Intimacy

This is a chart prepared by Isolina Ricci, Ph.D and provided with her permission. I often refer to this form when working as a co parenting counselor.

Four Parenting Patterns

This is a chart prepared by Isolina Ricci, Ph.D and provided with her permission that identifies the 4 parenting patterns commonly used after divorce.


This is a list of publications, articles and books that may be helpful to you.
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