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Reunification Therapy

Reunification counseling is often recommended when a child has been separated from a parent. The reasons for this separation can vary, from the child having an affinity for one parent over another, an estrangement due to neglect or abuse, absence due to incarceration, or parental alienation. This counseling is often ordered by the court or suggested by the Family Law Attorneys working with the family. The goal of reunification therapy is to help the child and parent reconcile their relationship in a safe atmosphere.

When I begin the reunification process, I like to meet with each of the parents separately. This will include review of any pertinent court documents, and possibly conferencing with the attorneys involved with the family. After I have a thorough understanding of the circumstances that led the family to this juncture, I will meet with the children. I meet with siblings together as well as the children for individual sessions. After I have met with the children, I will map the process for reunification. This may be a combination of meetings with the children together or individually with the reunified parent. It may also include meetings with the primary custodial parent or the parents together in some cases.

It is important to make sure that ground rules are established regarding some of those initial visits. For example, bringing gifts for the children, physical contact, and information shared by the parent. The child's feeling of safety and comfort are essential to the positive outcome of re-establishing a relationship. The number of parent/child sessions can vary.

I often recommend that the primary custodial parent see an individual therapist in addition to referring the parents to co-parenting counseling. It is important that the parents discuss concerns, learn how to improve communication, and develop a schedule facilitating the child's access to both parents.
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