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Co-Parent Counseling

A Co-parent Counselor works with families undergoing separation or divorce. As a licensed mental health professional with special training and expertise in child development and divorcing/separating families, Dana consults with the parents to help them develop a parenting plan and procedures for post divorce communication. This can include timeshare, health, school and religious decisions. This consulting role can help guide parents regarding what to say to the children when separating, as well as provide educational information on the effects of divorce on children, developmental expectations for children, and ways to navigate the changes occurring in the family. The children are supported in their adjustment to the rearranging family by improving communication between the parents, thereby decreasing the conflict.

My role can be confidential or with permission from both parents can I can provide information to Family Court Services and parents attorneys. The parents and the co-parent counselor will together define the terms of this working relationship.

Any agreements made in the co-parenting sessions can be submitted (with permission from both parents) to their attorneys and included in their marital settlement agreement, which is filed with the court.

This process has the potential to decrease post divorce or seperation conflict, thereby supporting the healthy growth and development of the children.

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