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Children's Ability to Cope Post Divorce
Dana F. Schneider MA, MFT
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Divorce-Related Services

These services help support parents and children with the reorganization of their family. The goal is to minimize conflict, support healthy development of the children, and facilitate a positive post divorce parenting relationship.

Co-Parenting Counseling

As a licensed mental health professional with specialized training and expertise in child development and divorcing/separating families, Dana consults with the parents to help them develop a parenting plan and procedures for post divorce communication.

High Conflict Co-Parenting Counseling

A new approach to working with high conflict families involves two co-counselors, one assigned to each parent. The heart of the co-parenting work involves both parents and both counselors in the room together, to work towards reducing conflict in the family, improving communication, and improving parenting.

Reunification Therapy

Reunification counseling is often recommended when a child has been separated from a parent. The goal of reunification therapy is to help the child and parent reconcile their relationship in a safe atmosphere.

Child Specialist

The child specialist is a mental health professional who helps to provide information about how the children are coping with the divorce. This specialist can offer options for parenting plans that meet both the developmental and psychological needs of the children.

Child Therapy

Often children experience the same kinds of stresses and anxieties that adults do. Yet because of their youth they may not have the coping strategies to deal effectively with their problems. A child therapist has specialized knowledge and skills that enable her to identify problem behaviors and to implement appropriate treatment interventions.

Private Mediation for Custody and Parenting Issues

Mediation is a process parents use to help resolve conflict when they have been unable to reach an agreement, and to help clients learn the skills necessary to continue to use positive communication techniques in their future parenting conversations with each other.

Special Master

A Special Master is a mental health professional, mediator or family law attorney, who specializes in helping parents resolve disputes about what is best for the child(ren) when there are continuous disagreements. Using a Special Master to help make decisions about your child(ren) can be a useful alternative to repeatedly going to court and having a judge make decisions.

Collaborative Divorce Services

In a collaborative divorce case, the collaborative coaches or attorneys help facilitate the production of the parenting plan.
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